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Body Treatments

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment (60 minutes) – $70.00

Not easy to do at home. A great treatment to remove impurities from the back. Cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, massage and moisturizer complete the treatment.

Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy (30 minutes) – $60.00

A treatment that polishes the skin to a soft glow while providing critical hydration and nourishment that the skin needs. Skin-smoothing enzymes help dissolve dead skin cells naturally for a smooth finish.

Nourishing Sea Mud Therapy (60 minutes) – $120.00

This treatment starts with an invigorating dry brushing. Stimulate circulation while smoothing skin with this body wrap therapy that promotes skin nourishment. Rest in a warming wrap that induces blood circulation all while encouraging absorption of nourishing botanicals.

Seaweed Body Detox (60 minutes) – $120.00

Relax into this detoxifying body wrap and feel the stress melt away as re-mineralizing seaweed works to rebalance and recharge your body and mind.

Natural Tan Application (45 minutes) – $60.00

The best and safest way to achieve that beautiful bronzed glow. Start with dry brushing followed with the application of the natural tan. Leave feeling like you spent a week in the tropics, and look like you did too!

*plus HST on all services

Reflexology (60 Minutes) – $75.00

Reflexology is a 5,000 year old system that was fist used in China. This treatment manipulates different pressure points on the feet that are connected to all parts of the body, to tell a message.

What can Reflexology do for me?

The bodies waste production can form deposits on nerve endings, which can block the natural flow of energy to all parts of the body. The gentle stimulation on the nerve endings will increase circulation, which leads to elimination of toxins throughout the lymphatic system. In turn, the body is encouraged to heal itself naturally. The benefits of reflexology include, reduced stress levels, increasing circulation, and normalize the bodies natural metabolism. This service compliments all healing modalities.

Indian Head Massage – (30 Minutes) – $50.00

Based on ancient healing techniques that have been practised for thousands of years in India, Indian Head Massage uses acupressure points on the head and scalp to help promote circulation, reduce stress, and sims to rebalance your bodies energy.

Relaxation Massage

30 Minute Massage- $40.00

45 Minute Massage- $55.00

60 Minute Massage- $70.00

75 Minute Massage- $85.00

90 Minute Massage- $95.00

Hot Stone Massage (75 minutes) – $145.00

A very unique way to relax and unwind. Warmed stones are used in conjunction with Swedish massage techniques to encourage deep relaxation to the body, mind and soul.


* These massages are performed by an aesthetician. If you are seeking Registered Massage Therapy, please click here to view our RMT service menu.

*plus HST on all services